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The ABLS™ was founded to promote the safe and efficacious
use of lasers and light in medicine and surgery by establishing
standards of acceptable levels of knowledge and competence
through certifying examinations for medical professionals.


ABLS Certification in Laser Dentistry ABLS Laser Dentistry Position Statement (PDF)

International Courses in Laser Dentistry

laser dentistryThese courses are in partnership with Dr. Mohammed Saleem, BDS, MSc, and ABLS International Director of Development in Laser Dentistry, and Certified by the Saudi Commission on Health Specialties; and Dr. Jihad Zeitouni, M.D. and MSc in Laser Dentistry, Advanced Course in Dental Implantology, Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD). Drs. Saleem and Zeitouni have many years of combined experience in laser dentistry at both hospital and private practice.

Notable international speakers present at the courses, including Dr. Kirpa Johar, author of Fundamentals in Laser Dentistry, Drs. Josep Arnabat, Saleh Alghabban, Islam Kassem, and Ahmed El Gamal.

The first 3-session course began in Cyrpus in June, 2015 and concluded May, 2016. Additional 3-session courses since include new courses in Cyprus, Egypt and Pakistan beginning in 2016 and 2017.

1-day courses have also been provided in Egypt and Saudi Arabia through the Middle East Dental Society.

The focus of the 3-session courses is on laser biophysics of hard and soft dental tissue, how to best use dental lasers by type of procedure relative to equipment, wavelengths and operating parameters, including medical team and patient safety. Details are provided below. These courses include ABLS didactic study materials and hand-on sessions; and written and oral examinations. The outcome of the 3-session courses is both a Certificate of Course Completion, and Diplomate Certification by the ABLS in Laser Dentistry.

The 1-day courses address one or two specific topics but do not provide a certification.

Please see links in "For Additional Details and Enrollment" below.

Please email us at for more information about Certification for Laser Dentistry in the USA.

ALSC logoFor U.S.-based laser dentists: Please check out the American Laser Study Club (ALSC) which provides a valuable resource for candidates who are preparing for the Board’s Written Examinations.

Full Course Objectives:

  • Understand dental laser physics.
  • Understand laser tissue interaction in both soft and hard tissue.
  • Learn how to properly and effectively use lasers with different
    wavelengths in a variety of dental procedures, with accurate parameters
    and safety for the medical team and patients (see outline).

Full Course Outline:

  • History of laser dentistry
  • Foundations of lasers in dentistry
  • Laser and light biophysics for hard tissue
  • Laser and light biophysics for soft tissue
  • Dental laser delivery systems
  • Technical parameters in use of dental lasers
  • Dental laser safety
  • Laser applications in hard tissue, soft tissue
  • LLLT procedures
  • Applications for endodontics
  • Applications for implants
  • Applications for periodontics
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Pediatric dentistry

Full courses will include Both didactic and hands-on training, soft and hard tissue, in Er:YAG and Diode lasers

ABLS and Dentistry Course Certifications (Full Course):

  • Following acceptance and payment of fees, enrollees will receive in advance of the first meeting the Board’s Study Guide on Fundamental Laser Physics, Tissue Interaction, and Laser Safety; the comprehensive study book on Laser Dentistry; and other pre-course materials.
  • Each meeting will include didactic presentations on progressive portions of the ABLS Study Guide and the Laser Dentistry study book, and hands-on training sessions.
  • After each meeting, there will be a Written Examination and Assessment, addressing the ABLS Study Guide, Laser Dentistry study book, and hands-on sessions. Each session will build upon a review of the advance materials and learning covered in the prior session.
  • Following successful completion of the three Written Examinations, attendees will sit for an Oral Examination on their laser dental practice to complete their certification. The Oral Examination will be provided either in-person, or remotely via web-conference, based on the attendee’s and examiner’s schedules.
  • Two Certificates will be earned: The International Laser Dentistry Course Completion and The American Board of Laser Surgery Certification in Laser Dentistry.

For Additional Details, Enrollment, Fee and Expenses:

Please visit or email Dr. Mohammed Saleem at

For Questions:

  • Please contact the Board at for any questions about the ABLS Certification.
  • Please contact Dr. Mohammed Saleem directly for details and questions about the Laser Dentistry Courses' agenda, location, travel/lodging, and visa arrangements at


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