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The ABLS™ was founded to promote the safe and efficacious
use of lasers and light in medicine and surgery by establishing
standards of acceptable levels of knowledge and competence
through certifying examinations for medical professionals.


Written Examination for Certification of Advanced Aestheticians
by the State of Oregon Health Licensing Office (HLO)

Administered Online by The American Board of Laser Surgery (ABLS)

Accepted applicants by the Oregon Board of Certified Advanced Esthetician (BCAE), who have either obtained temporary certification or are applying for permanent certification as Licensed Advanced Aestheticians, need to take the Written Examination administered online by The American Board of Laser Surgery following January 1, 2018.
All applications for permanent certification as an Advanced Aesthetician must also meet the requirements of Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 819, Divisions 009-0040.

When applicants wish to take the Written Examination, they must first apply to the BCAE and if and when accepted as candidates, they will then have their contact information emailed to the ABLS. The ABLS will then promptly contact candidates to schedule the online Written Examination.

The fee for the online Written Examination is $250 payable to the ABLS using the PayPal link below prior to taking the Written Examination. This fee covers the Written Examination, grading, and notification by email of the Examination score to both the candidate and the Oregon Health Licensing Office. When the fee is remitted, the Examination can be scheduled within two business days or at a date the candidate chooses.

Please also complete the form below and click SEND to register for the examination. This is required.

Candidates have access to a list of Study References for the Written Examination available from the Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians (BCEA), or these can be downloaded from the link below. The Study References consist of chapters from three relevant and readily available books on cosmetic aesthetic procedures. These books are listed in the Study References. In addition, there is an open-source chapter on Skin Anatomy and Physiology in the Study References that also can be downloaded below.

The questions address the curriculum toopics for advanced aestheticians as available from the BCAE. The Study References list all of the curriculum topics (by topic number as provided by the BCAE), the book references by chapter for the various topics, and the number of exam questions by topic.

The written examination is only provided online. There are a total of 145 questions and a score of 75.0% is required to pass. The vast majority of questions are MCQ style and several matching style questions. There are no short answer or essay-style questions.

The time allotted for the Examination is four (4) hours, following which the Examination will terminate automatically even if not completed. Applicants sitting for the Examination will receive an online link by email along with a code to enter in order to access the Examination. This link will be unique for each IP address. Links may not be shared by applicants.

Instructions for the Examination are provided in an introduction online prior to taking the Examination, and the name and email of the candidates must be entered before beginning the Examination.

Oregon Health Authority logoExamination scores will be emailed to candidates and the Oregon HLO within 2 business days of completion of the Examination. All verifications of passing the qualifying Examination, as specified above, will be sent directly to the Health Licensing Office at 1430 Tandem Ave. NE, Suite 180, Salem, Oregon 97301.

Questions about the Examination itself can be directed to

Study References:
Oregon BCAE Adv Aesth Exam Review Guide for Candidates (PDF)
Skin Anatomy and Physiology: Skin Anatomy and Physiology, CH5, Open Stax (PDF)



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