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We are the only medical specialty board worldwide devoted to advanced education in the biophysics of lasers and light in surgery, medicine and aesthetics to improve understanding and competency. The ABLS® Certification provides a valuable learning experience, promotes treatment efficacy and patient safety, and helps attract new patients.
We are laser-focused on the full spectrum of light education for all practitioners.

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ABLS Written Examinations
Request the Online Written Examinations:

When you are ready to take the Online Written Examinations in Fundamental Laser Science and Laser Safety, please use the Exam Request Form below and click submit, which will inform the ABLS of the request. The ABLS will then contact you by email to set up a date to receive the pass codes required to access the Online Written Examinations. The examinations have a 4-hour time limit for 115 MCQ questions total (85 for the Fundamental Laser Science Exam and 30 for the Laser Safety Exam).

When You Are Ready to Take the Online Written Examinations:

When you have received a confirmation from the ABLS for your date to receive the examinations, along with the passcodes, and are ready to begin, return to this page and click the links below for the Fundamental Laser Science Exam and the Laser Safety Exam. Complete exam instructions are on the online exam website, as well as an area to type in your name and next the appropriate passcode. When you are finished and have submitted the examinations, you will receive automatically (as will the ABLS) an email with your exam scores, with 80.0% or higher a passing grade for each examination. The ABLS will also email you a confirmation of your examination scores in 2 to 3 business days. In addition, you will be able to download your ABLS Course Completion Certificate.

ABLS Online Fundamental Laser Science / Tissue Interaction Examination (passcode required):


ABLS Online Laser Safety Examination (passcode required):


If you do not pass one or both examinations, an exam re-take fee and second attempt at the exam(s) will be required. In these situations, the ABLS will contact you by email with further information about that process.