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The ABLS® Certification provides a valuable learning experience, promotes treatment efficacy and patient safety, and helps attract new patients. We are the only medical specialty board worldwide devoted to advanced education in the biophysics of lasers and light in surgery and medicine. We invite qualified practitioners to apply and Do the Board!

NEW: The ABLS Now Offers up to 28 CME Hours – Click EARN CME below to learn more.

ABLS Background

The Board was incorporated in 1984 by nineteen recognized experts in clinical applications of lasers, laser research and development, and basic laser science and safety. Leading-edge study materials and certifying examinations were developed. The Board administered its first certifying examination at Tulane University in New Orleans in 1985. Currently the Board has certified over 500 Diplomates around the world. The Board's Diplomate Certificate is highly valued by practitioners, their patients, insurers, credentialing committees, health-care institutions, and colleagues.

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Take Our Short Trial Examination

Test Your Knowledge —

The Board has developed a short Trial Examination to help you assess your current knowledge. Questions are drawn from actual examinations and include laser tissue interaction, biophysics, laser safety, and either cosmetic or dental laser applications (for those practitioners). Please use the link below to take the trial examination. The exam automatically shows your score at the end; 80% or better score demonstrates solid knowledge. The Trial Examination takes just several minutes.

For regular laser and cosmetics practitioners:

Take the Regular TRIAL EXAM

For dental laser practitioners:

Take the Dental TRIAL EXAM

Four Certification Programs

The Board offers four certification programs:

  1. The Board's traditional certification in Laser Surgery and Medicine: for all specialties, other than cosmetic laser procedures or laser dentistry, and which has been offered since 1985. Please visit our Certifications page for details.
  2. The Board’s certification in Cosmetic Laser and Light Procedures: This covers the fundamental laser science, biophysics, light-tissue interaction, and laser safety of the traditional certification AND also includes a substantial body of materials related to cosmetic laser and light procedures. The Board offers this recognizing the rapid growth in cosmetic laser ans light procedures and the needs of our candidates. Major areas of cosmetic procedures include ablative skin resurfacing, vascular lesions, leg veins, pigmented lesions and tattoos, scars, hair removal, non-ablative resurfacing and skin rejuvenation, photodynamic therapy (PDT), non-surgical skin tightening, and the science of IPL and LED procedures. The Board also accepts qualified, medically supervised non-physician practitioners for select, less-ablative procedures. Please visit our Cosmetics page for details.
  3. NEW Certification in Laser Dentistry: This is now available for DMDs and DDSs. Please visit our Dentistry page for details.
  4. The Certificate of Added Qualification in Cosmetic Laser Procedures: The Board is pleased to offer a Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) for ABLS Diplomates practicing Cosmetic Laser and Light Procedures, and who meet several additional criteria. This CAQ provides Diplomates a credential that documents further experience and training, and gains additional recognition from the Board, as well as patients and colleagues. Please visit our CAQ page for details.

Our Certification: Beneficial to Have and Convenient to Earn

Earning the certification from the American Board of Laser Surgery provides a valuable learning experience, and promotes efficacy of treatment, patient safety and helps attract new patients. We are the only medical specialty board worldwide devoted to the use of lasers and light in surgery and medicine. We recognize that today's competitive market provides challenges for many laser and light practitioners.

We offer a pay-as-you-go option for preparing for and taking the Written Examination. Candidates may either take the written examination in one sitting OR complete the written examination through a series of four steps that accommodates busy schedules, and provides for fees that are phased to each step. The Oral Specialty Examination follows successful completion of the written examination. Our Application Fee is very reasonable and our fee structure avoids the large upfront costs that most boards require. Please see our Certifications page for complete details and learn How the Certification Process Works

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